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Municipal Electric Utility Services

We provide on-site services for the maintenance, testing, and repair of your substation apparatus.  We provide unique, cost-effective, workable solutions.

Apparatus Serviced

Transformers - power factor testing, internal inspections, winding analysis, insulation testing, oil gasket replacement
Bushings - power factor testing, replacement/installation
Tap Changers - fluid filtering and replacement, contact replacement
Gang Operated Switches - adjustment
Switchgear - corona damage repair, circuit breaker retrofits, racking system repairs
Reclosers / Circuit Breakers - primary current injection, insulation, contact, vacuum bottle replacement/analysis
Protective Relays - electromechanical, solid state, and digital relays.  Programming and implementation of settings
Voltage Regulators - internal inspections, contact replacement, control testing
Circuit Switchers - SF6 handling, timing, mechanism adjustments
CT's & PT's - Polarity, Ratio, Saturation
Oil Circuit Breakers
- pneumatic system repairs, contact replacement
Battery Systems - load tests, internal resistance, replacement systems, battery chargers


Services and Capabilities

Full Insulation and Winding Analysis
Primary Current Injection
Retrofit Controls/Relays
Program, Test, & Commission Relays
Oil Handling
Maintenance Programs
- operation of equipment, understanding ground fault systems, arc flash
Insulating Oil Testing
Dissolved Gas Analysis
- combustible gases, furan testing
Infrared Scanning
Ultrasonic Corona Detection